Grand Castle Weddings

Weddings don't get grander than castles. A grand castle wedding is no longer restricted to just the royalty. You could have your dream wedding in a luxurious castle and have the best day of your life. There are many beautiful castles which are now open to hosting weddings. These castles have a rich history and are ideal locations if you are planning a fairy-tale wedding.

Nowadays most of these castles have been converted into 5-star properties with ornate interiors, impeccable service, and fine dining. These castle wedding venues, however, do not come cheap. You must be ready to spend a hefty amount on your wedding, or else a castle wedding will not be the right option for you.

Castles are truly grand and spacious. The great scale of castles means that they will be able to host a huge number of guests. They can usually host over 300 guests, so thus are perfect if you want to invite a lot of guests and impressing them.

While the venue does go a long way towards an impressive wedding, the decor also matters. You need to choose decor that goes hand in hand with the interior of your venue. Anything that is too contrasting can take away the wow factor of these castles. Ensure that you look into the castle's architecture, colour scheme, and styling before you start deciding on the decor.

The decor should be further enhanced with proper detailing. Sophisticated finishing touches like elaborate centrepieces will help bring elegance and class to your wedding. So, ensure that you look into the minutest of details when you plan a wedding on such grand scales.

The food is just as important as everything else. The food that you serve at your wedding must completely reflect the grandeur of your venue. You can achieve this by throwing lavish banquets or creating a menu that dates back to the era of the castle.